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Conquer Next is India’s Largest ‘Customised Leadership Coaching Platform’ exclusively for hospitality students and working professionals. The ‘Transformational Leadership Journey’ today is changing the way people PREPARE, START and GROW in the hospitality industry.

Today’s competition requires you to have insane clarity on goals, an obsessive hunger to achieve them and most importantly a certain mind-set to keep going!

A Conquer Next Coach would enable you to stay focused, sharp and on track with your defined goals.

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Sameer Kaul

Founder | Executive Coach

I welcome you to Conquer Next. Thank you for being here. Today, our ‘Conquer Next Leadership Journey’ has groomed and nurtured many exciting young hoteliers and strong hospitality professionals.

At Conquer Next, we are from the industry and through our customized one-on-one Leadership Journey our mission is to solve problems, mentor, train, coach & bridge gaps at the grass root level of the industry. We are transforming and setting up school students, hospitality college students and young working professionals for the future of the industry.

A little about my professional self: I have been associated with the industry for about 15 years and have also been a coach to over 500 working professionals and budding hoteliers. I currently operate from the Conquer Next Academy, Central Delhi; however my passion to transform lives and thinking patterns always takes me to all major hospitality colleges across the country, where I enable young aspirants to Conquer Next.

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